Modèle: JANMOR 25

Prix: nous contacter

Voilier JANMOR 25



Longueur: 7.49m

Largeur: 2.52m

Tirant d'eau: min.0.31m - 1.57m

Hauteur en cabine: 1.73m

Lest: 100 ou 500kg

Dérive: fix ou relevable

Nombre de couchage: 5+1

Poids total: 1.800 kg


Mat: 9.05m

Voiles: 27.5m² +40m²

Grand voile: 15.70 m²

Fok: m²

Genoua:  11.80m²

Spinaker: 40m²

Moteur a bord 8-13 HP
Moteur hors bord: on option
12V et 220V
Janmor25 - traditional and modern. Traditional, because our yard - „Janmor“ –benefited from 35 years of experience in the production of tourist yachts. Modern, because it was designed in cooperation with Wojtek Spisak, well known for his racing yachts’ constructions. Our newest product has is slim and high hull with a wide waterline, which gives the interior a substantial capacity, despite of the width of 2.53 m. Janmor 25 is a typical tourist vessel which is stable, easy to steer and “brave”. No extravagance, only ergonomics together with solid and proven solutions in a new form. We can offer a yacht with a classic rotating centreboard, engine and a rudder at the transom – ideal for Masuria. This configuration of the yacht meets the C design category. Second version is an almost sea, keel yacht with the deep-sea rudder blade and an optional stationary motor, which meets safety regulations of the B category. Warm seas, the Szczecin and the Vistula Lagoon, as well as coastal areas of the Baltic Sea are its natural environment. Third version is equipped with a shallow ballast keel with additionally extendable rotating centerboard. This configuration of the Janmor 25 is an ideal choice not only for an inland sailing but also for coastal sea waters. In the cabin, manufactured with the use of the laminated inserts technology, there are 6 berths, a large table, galley with a stove on Cardan suspension, separate sink and a fridge, as well as a sanitary cabin. Wooden finish and upholstery give  the cabin a cosy feeling. The deck is ergonomic with a proven design of the superstructure,  characteristic for our yard. Large windows of a characteristic shape, enormous companionway, small hatch over the mess and a large forward hatch make the cabin full of light. Self draining cockpit is quite deep, surrounded with a “breakwater” and partially closed at the stern. Standard fractional 7/8 sails on a modern mast of a moderate height (9.0 m). These are the sails with a classic slim mainsail and an efficient 120% Genoa. For those who expect more thrills we suggest extended sails on the mast of the height of 9.5 m. Mainsheets of the jib are comfortably supplied to the half decks around the cockpit. You will be surprised by the Janmor’s 25 spacious interior and stability of steering even under difficult weather conditions. We truly recommend it.